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August 26, 2014

LACO Technologies Introduces the New TitanTest™ Leak Detector for Production Processes

by LACO Technologies
Helium Leak Detector

We are proud to announce the release of our new bench top helium leak detector, the TitanTest™. LACO’s TitanTest™ is a robust high-performance helium mass spectrometer leak detector that offers powerful solutions to the challenges of production leak detection applications. The TitanTest™ is perfect for reliable quality control in your assembly process and works well in many production environments for leak testing an array of parts.

Helium Leak Detector












Some examples of applications requiring helium leak testing that the TitanTest is best suited for include:

Automotive (Airbags, Gas tanks, Compressors, Fuel Rails, ABS Valves, Shock Absorbers, Manifolds, Radiators)

Leak testing automotive parts









Aircraft/Aerospace (Hydraulic Components, Oxygen Lines, Engines, Fuel Tanks)


Medical (Implants, Surgical Devices, Catheters, Pacemakers, Blood Filters)

leak testing medical devices









Energy (Batteries, Transformers, Fuel Cells, Solar, Circuit Breakers)


Refrigeration-A/C (Compressor, Evaporators, Condensers, Coils, Evaporators, Valves, Condensers)

Refrigeration and A/C leak testing








The implementation of more rigorous quality standards in these industries is requiring that parts meet lower leak rate tolerances. These low leak rates are not detectable by traditional air leak testing instruments. The TitanTest™ offers users many decades lower in sensitivity as well as the advantage of precision leak locating. This is due to the fact that the leak detector is a high sensitivity mass spectrometer. Mass spectrometers allow for a wide range of detection, reliable and quantitative data, and testing that is non-destructive.

Features include:

  • Three Vacuum Test Modes (Gross, Fine, and Ultra)
  • Auto-Calibration with Built-In Helium Calibrated Leak
  • Helium and Hydrogen Background Suppression
  • Audio Alarm with Variable Pitch
  • Flexible I/O to Interface with External Vacuum Pumps and Helium Gas Charging Module
  • Long-Life Yttria Coated Iridium Filament
  • 5 x 10^-12 Minimum Helium Detectable Signal in Hard Vacuum Mode
  • 5 x 10^-8 Minimum Helium Detectable Signal in Sniffing Mode
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure of 25 mbar

With plug and play accessories and configurable options it’s easy to integrate the TitanTest™ into assembly lines and production test systems. A wireless remote control enables operation of the unit from a distance of up to 330 feet and a communication module allows one to monitor and record their leak testing process remotely through a web browser interface.

Leak Detector Remote Control

TitanTest™ Remote Control









TCM50 TitanTest Leak Detector Communication Module

TCM50 TitanTest Leak Detector Communication Module















The enhanced sniffer probe makes a quick leak check simple with a LED Pass/Fail indicator and zeroing function. Make the TitanTest™ mobile with its complementary transportation cart accessory and easily wheel the leak detector to another part of your production line.

Leak Detector Sniffer Probe

Enhanced Sniffer Probe for TitanTest™







LACO TitanTest Leak Detector with TCM50 Communication Module

TitanTest™ leak detector mounted on a cart.












Helium Charge System with Data Logging

Helium Charge System with Data Logging












To complement the market introduction of the TitanTest™, LACO Technologies is pleased to offer training seminars and additional leak detector services. Customers will receive 1 of our 6 new services free of charge with their first purchase of this unit (customer to decide at time of order). Promotional service options include:

1. (P/N: TP-TT) Training Seminar: Leak Testing Theory and Practice (1/2 day). Online Webinar, On-site, or In-house (at LACO). Includes training materials. Excludes travel expenses.

2. (P/N: TP-MT) Training Seminar: TitanTest™ Operation and Maintenance (1/2 day). Ideal for end users or maintenance personnel to learn how to properly operate, maintain, and service the TitanTest™ leak detector. Online Webinar, On-site, or In-house (at LACO). Includes training materials. Excludes travel expenses.

3. (P/N: TP-FD) Expert Test Fixture Design: 4 hours of mechanical design time. Can be credited towards the purchase of a test fixture or chamber. Includes solid model drawing.

4. (P/N: TP-PC) Leak Testing Process Consulting: 4 hours of expert consulting service towards reviewing your leak testing process, recommending improvements and writing a test procedure.

5. (P/N: TP-IS) System Integration Support: 4 hours of engineering consulting to support the integration of the TitanTest™ leak detector into a LACO-supplied custom system, or a customer-designed system.

6. (P/N: TP-MS) One-time Leak Detector Maintenance Service: Cleaning of the leak detector valve manifold, inlet filter, fan filter, changing rotary vane pump oil, replacing the turbo pump oil wick, calibrating the internal leak standard, replace oil cartridge (if present). Work performed at LACO’s shop. Must be performed once within the 2 year waranty or 10,000 hours (whichever comes first). Excludes shipping costs.

For more information, visit:

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