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November 9, 2015

Automate Your Helium Filling and Leak Test Process with LACO’s NEW Atlas™ Leak Test Process Controller

by LACO Technologies
Atlas Leak Test Process Controller - Helium Charger - Helium Leak Detector

Automate your helium filling and leak test process with LACO’s Atlas™ Leak Test Process Controller. Atlas™ is a flexible controller that allows for helium charging, evacuation, air proof testing, and decay testing of products for tracer gas leak testing. The standard controller can be configured for automated hard vacuum, HATS™, sniffing, and accumulation helium leak testing methods. The Atlas™ can be integrated with LACO’s TitanTest™ helium leak detector to create an automated leak testing system.
Atlas Leak Test Process Controller - Helium Charger - Helium Leak Detector



  • Includes basic helium charging with part evacuation, air fill, and helium fill options
  • Ability to remotely monitor TitanTest™ Leak Detector
  • Comprehensive flow and pressure ranges available
  • Fully automated testing with four helium leak testing methods: hard vacuum, HATS™, sniffing, and accumulation
  • Complete part testing capabilities including system calibration with a calibrated leak standard
  • Automated part clamping / sealing
  • Up to 100 customized test recipes
  • 5.7” color touchscreen
  • Tooling, chambers, or software customization

Options & Accessories

  • Customizable to meet customer requirements
  • Remote data logging
  • Electronic regulators
  • Flow / occlusion test
  • Control power to evacuate pump
  • Bar code reader and ticket printer

Communication & Data Logging

  • Ethernet interface and remote control (RS232)
  • Enter test ID data manually or via bar code
  • Test summary log or live data stream to .csv file
  • Retrieve data by SD card or Ethernet connection
  • Data storage capacity of over 5 million test results via internal 8GB SD card


Component Description
Control system Micro controller with 5.7” color touchscreen and illuminated start/stop buttons
Communication Ethernet, RS232 remote control, optional bar code serial port
Integration Methods Fill only, hard vacuum, HATS™, sniffing, and accumulation
Test Pressure < atmosphere up to 3000 psig
Pneumatics Compressed air required (70-120 psig)
Dimensions 11” H x 16” W x 16” D (28 cm H x 41 cm x 41 cm D) with sloped front
Mounting Table top box or system frame mount
Electrical 90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 Watts, IEC C13 connection
Control options Controller includes spare I/O (digital and analog) to provide customized solution

Atlas Leak Test Process Controller and Helium Charger, TitanTest Helium Leak Detector, and Vacuum Chamber

Automated helium hard vacuum leak testing system using a TitanTest™ leak detector, a LACO vacuum test chamber, and an Atlas™ leak test process controller with data logging.

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