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LACO Technologies 24-7 Support

LACO Now Offers 24/7 Support!

We are proud to announce the exciting launch of our new 24/7 support service. You can now contact LACO Technologies any time (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) to receive support right when you need it. By offering competent and responsive technical support we hope to increase your uptime. Read more

Advanced Micro Tube Capillary Leak Standards (LACO Technologies Blog)

Advanced Micro Tube Capillary Leak Standards Offer Superior Performance

LACO Technologies has been manufacturing gas leak standards since the 1990’s. For years we used traditional leak element technology to produce leak rates in our leak standards (i.e. Teflon® Permeation, Crimped Metal Capillary, and Glass Permeation). However, we were never quite satisfied with the performance of these leak elements, and neither were our customers. This pushed us into developing a new leak element technology which could offer far superior leak performance. One more reliable and rugged, with the capability of producing quick repeatable results. LACO’s solution was the Micro Tube Capillary (MTC) leak element which has now become the standard technology we use in all of the calibrated leaks we manufacture. Read more »

How To Verify Your Leak Test System Can Find Leaks - Leak Standards Built Into Parts

How To Verify Your Leak Test System Can Find Leaks

In leak testing of any kind, it is necessary to regularly verify the leak test system to ensure its proper operation. A convenient way to accomplish this is to run a known “bad part” through the process and note the result. A leak standard with a known leak rate can be built into a part, or take the place of a part, to be used in this verification process.

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calibrated leak standard for sniffer leak detector calibration

Calibrating Sniffer Leak Detectors

A common leak detection method utilizes a sniffer leak detector to locate leaks in a part or system that is pressurized with a tracer gas (usually helium). While very useful in pinpointing the location of a leak, sniffer detectors are not as reliable in quantifying leaks compared to other methods. Furthermore, sensitivity is much less than with hard vacuum helium leak detection, and varies among different types of detectors. However, with proper calibration, the sniffer leak detector can be used as an effective tool for both production and maintenance leak location applications. Read more »

Calibrated Leaks for Thermofisher

Customer Spotlight: Thermo Fisher Scientific – Raising the Bar on Quality

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments used in an array of industries which include pharmaceutical, biotech, academic research institutions, and government agencies. It is their mission to give their customers the tools needed to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and safer place.
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LACO Calibration Lab

Calibration is a Necessary Precursor to Quality

Selecting the right vacuum gauge or leak standard is just the first step in helping guarantee accuracy and repeatability in your process or application. Calibration gives you confidence that your measurements are accurate and are within your required specification limits. The industry is seeing a rising demand for instrument calibration to also meet the demands of company quality systems. Process engineers are also realizing that to produce repeatable results they require reliable readings which requires not only stable instruments and reference standards, but ones that are also calibrated. Read more »

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