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LACO's Leak Test Training Tour 2016 - Leak Testing - Leak Detection

LACO’s Leak Test Training Tour 2016: Introduction to Production Leak Testing – Coming to Salt Lake City, Utah

New to the industry and looking to improve and develop your understanding and knowledge of leak testing? Need to implement a leak testing system into your production process? LACO Technologies’ Introduction to Production Leak Testing Training will help place you on the path to successful implementation of a leak test system and will provide you with a basic knowledge and understanding of leak testing fundamentals. Upon completion of the training course you will receive the Introduction to Production Leak Testing Certificate. Read more

TitanTest Helium Leak Detector for Leak Testing Fire Extinguishers

Oval Brand Fire Products Uses Helium Leak Detector to Leak Test Fire Extinguishers

Oval Brand Fire Products (manufacturer of uniquely designed and patent-pending fire extinguishers) came to LACO seeking a way to leak test their products in order to meet the rigorous demands of the fire protection industry. Read more

TitanTest Helium Leak Detector Lease and Rental Program - LACO Technologies

Introducing LACO’s New TitanTest Helium Leak Detector Lease & Rental Program!

Getting your hands on the latest helium leak detector model is easier than ever thanks to the TitanTest™ Lease & Rental Program from LACO Technologies. If the outright purchase of a new helium leak detector is not an option for you, then you no longer have to settle on buying a refurbished model which might be obsolete. LACO offers three new options for procuring a leak detector which are as follows: 2-Year Lease-to-Own (Brand New Unit), 1-Year Rental (New/Newly Refurbished Unit), and Short Term Rental (New/Newly Refurbished Unit).
Read more

LACO Technologies 24-7 Support

LACO Now Offers 24/7 Support!

We are proud to announce the exciting launch of our new 24/7 support service. You can now contact LACO Technologies any time (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) to receive support right when you need it. By offering competent and responsive technical support we hope to increase your uptime. Read more

Atlas Leak Test Process Controller - Helium Charger - Helium Leak Detector

Automate Your Helium Filling and Leak Test Process with LACO’s NEW Atlas™ Leak Test Process Controller

Automate your helium filling and leak test process with LACO’s Atlas™ Leak Test Process Controller. Atlas™ is a flexible controller that allows for helium charging, evacuation, air proof testing, and decay testing of products for tracer gas leak testing. The standard controller can be configured for automated hard vacuum, HATS™, sniffing, and accumulation helium leak testing methods. The Atlas™ can be integrated with LACO’s TitanTest™ helium leak detector to create an automated leak testing system. Read more »

Aura Multi-Test and Compact Air Leak Testers

It’s Not Just Hot Air…The New AURA Air Leak Testers Will Make Your Wildest Leak Testing Dreams Come True!

LACO is Proud to Announce the Launch of our New AURA™ Air Leak Tester Product Line!

LACO’s AURA™ Air Leak Testers offer vacuum decay, pressure decay, differential pressure, mass flow, and mass flow differential leak test methods. They are ideal for manufacturers who require optimal uptime, test flexibility, accuracy, data logging, and quick results. Read more »

LACO Technologies Mexico

LACO is Proud to Announce Our New Sales and Service Center in México

LACO Technologies is excited to announce the launch of LACO Technologies México. This new office will be managed by Mr. Hermann Reese, who has over 20 years of vacuum technology and leak testing experience in Mexico. Hermann has experience in an array of industries and applications which makes him well equipped to provide sales, support, and repair services to LACO’s customers in Mexico. Read more »

what should i include in my leak test system request for proposal (header)

What Should I Include In My Leak Test System Request for Proposal (RFP)?

Successful implementation of a leak test system in a production environment starts with clearly stated requirements.  Those requirements are often supplied to a prospective supplier in a Request for Proposal (RFP).  Often RFP’s are either not formally provided, or they are inadequate to communicate the customer’s requirements so that the equipment provided has a clear understanding of what the customer is expecting. Read more »

Visual Vacuum Bubble Leak Testing Vacuum Chamber - Bubble Emission Testing

Visual Vacuum Bubble Leak Testing or Bubble Emission Testing

In this article we cover the leak testing method of visual vacuum bubble leak testing for use on product and food packaging that contains some headspace gas. This may also be referred to as bubble emission testing when packaging is immersed under water under atmospheric conditions. Read more »

Dry Helium Leak Detector vs Wet Helium Leak Detector

Do You Really Need a Dry Leak Detector?

Over the past 20 years, there has been an increase in dry leak detector demand (mainly driven by semiconductor fabrication plants). The demand was spurred by the fear of oil back-streaming from leak detector models using oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps. Fortunately, this fear has been quelled by modern vacuum pump technology. However, many buyers are still letting this old problem guide their decision making process when selecting a new leak detector. This can be a costly decision if the only reason for choosing the dry leak detector over the wet is oil back-streaming. Dry units can run 30% to 50% more in cost ($) than wet leak detector models.

Read more »

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